EFAs Eliminate Carbohydrate Cravings

EFAs Eliminate Carbohydrate Cravings

Study Shows EFAs Eliminate Carbohydrate Cravings, Reduce Appetite and Increase Energy and Alertness

Study Shows EFAs Eliminate Carbohydrate Cravings, Reduce Appetite and Increase Energy and Alertness

Dr. Stephen Cavallino performed an 8-week study with 10 patients following a low carbohydrate/higher protein diet comparing “without EFAs” and “with” EFA supplementation.

Patients were also instructed in the value of a higher protein/lower carbohydrate diet. All patients were initially “carbohydrate addicts.” All patients received dietary instruction for 4 weeks prior to starting EFA supplementation.

All patients were on this higher protein/lower carbohydrate diet for a minimum of 4 weeks BEFORE EFA supplementation. Study in Italy for overweight people with carbohydrate addiction.

Conducted by Stephen Cavallino, M.D.

All patients were on a higher protein/low carbohydrate diet before and after EFA supplement.
Patients were given an EFA formulation with a properly balanced “parent” omega 6/3 ratio.
All patients suffered from carbohydrate addiction.

Total patients – 10, consisting of eight women and two men “All patients agreed to collaborate knowing that many foods were not permitted for the whole 8 weeks (4 weeks without the EFA supplements and 4 weeks with them).

They agreed not to consume fruit, pasta, pizza, rice, sweets, soda or soft drinks. They all orally took 2 capsules (725 mg ea) twice a day (3 gram total) using Professor Brian Peskin’s* EFA recommendations.

Patients were asked to rate each category, indicated by 1-4 asterisks:
One * = poor/no response
Two ** = fair response
Three ***  = good response; and
Four **** = excellent response.

Without the EFAs, all patients (100%) suffered from intense carbohydrate cravings and had little energy. Eighty percent (80%) of patients suffered from constant hunger. This was in spite of the fact all patients consumed a higher protein/low carbohydrate diet for at least 30 days prior to EFA supplementation.

After EFA supplementation began, the following results were observed:
The average patient felt well and more at ease facing the higher protein diet/ low carbohydrate.
– Overall appetite reduced in all 10 patients; all had a GOOD – EXCELLENT response, with 50% rating an EXCELLENT response.

Carbohydrate cravings were reduced in all 10 patients;
9 people rated this reduction EXCELLENT  100% huge success
Energy and alertness increased in all 10 patients: this was an EXCELLENT response 100% huge success.

Weight loss goal was reached in all 10 patients “Real-life results were achieved. I am positive about and thankful for Professor Peskin’s assistance in showing scientifically that most carbohydrates are bad in relation to promoting cancer and other diseases, and that EFAs are essential for good health with the objective to help us all to lose weight without suffering.

I was able to obtain excellent results adding the EFA supplementation program as specified in this book.”

Stephen Cavallino, M.D.   
October 22, 2005 Ferrara, Italy Life-Systems Engineering Science